Thought Facebook was invincible? THIS is a “Game-Changer”

Didn’t we just talk about how Facebook is quickly becoming the go to advertising platform online? A kid launched this new technology with his buds from his dorm room over pizza and beer and WOW. Who knew kids could make technology like this!
If you clicked the link above you’ll already understand why I am convinced that this tool will revolutionize how fan pages are created on Facebook. Essentially, we can now create Fan Pages without knowing any code. In fact, what really makes this the “second coming” of Fan Pages is that it empowers the “do it yourself-ers”. Drag and drop features ranging from YouTube videos and pay buttons to invite friend widgets, share buttons, twitter streams, blog streams, commenting streams, and flash objects. Then, simply click publish! Nunca, nada, no code!
Heck, the best part is you can create an unlimited amount of tabs for an unlimited amount of pages! Be the first to use this tool and reap serious benefits. It’s users already have over 1,0018,003 fans! You have GOT to click below!

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